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feat. Hubert Tubbs

upcoming SINGLE release coming soon


PARKER's MOJO featuring HUBERT TUBBS + + LIVE video + + all rights reserved


Concert Dates

22 May 2018

VIENNA - t.b.a.

29 June 2018

VIENNA - private Event

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PARKER's MOJO adds something unique to the great worldwide songbook: 

   an entertaining combination of musical elements old and new, and stories worth telling. 

      Music has the power to make us feel a bit more human, and we all could

         use some MOJO, can't we?


They make their listeners CRY.

They make them DANCE.

The band's full 90 minutes program provides artistic craftsmanship, emotional truthfulness 

and unmasked vulnerability - packed in an all originals song list. Ultimately, it is the connection   

with the audience, which creates that special kind of magic that includes everybody:      

They bring live audiences to their feet, open their hearts, and touch their souls.         


PARKER's MOJO doesn't give a damn about labels or trends. 
   These guys concentrate on one thing only:

     breathing LIFE into their Music with as
         much honesty and intensity as possible. 



The eclectic 8-piece band, established by songwriter Alex Waterman and

drummer Heimo Wiederhofer in 2016, found its voice in 2017,   

when they brought on legendary soul singer,Texas born       

vocalist HUBERT TUBBS, who made them complete.         


Their first single LONG OVERDUE will be released in 2018,         

featuring Jacqueline Patricio and Betty Semper
on background vocals.              

   Thank You,

PARKER's MOJO would like to express their gratitude for the substantial support of these fine ladies, gentlemen, and friends:


      Steve Power („more than 40 million albums sold") for advice and encouragement,
      Chris Mares (MEDIEN DESIGN MARES) for all graphic artworks, photography & video editing, 
      Peter Schroeder for director of photography,
      Wolfram Zoettl for camera,
      Robert Syrovatka for photography,
      Arno Koch for audio production and mastering,
      Horst Pfaffelmayer for audio mastering,
      Günther Matejicek, Stephan Wessel and Andreas Koch for earlier recording and mixing, as well as      

      Marcelo Ramos, Martin Wöss, Dominik Fuss and Dave Reisman for earlier musical contributions.



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PARKER's MOJO are delivering an outstanding live performance. The band is available either as eight piece lineup, or with two additional background singers.


For booking, please contact Alexander:



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electronic press kit,
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feat. Hubert Tubbs

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